K T Tunstall – Other Side of the World

Nice song. I like K T Tunstall, or what I have heard of her so far. Not too difficult. It has got Gm in it which is really a bar chord at the 3rd fret in an Em shape, a root 6 barchord at the 3rd fret. Use your 3rd and 4th fingers to fret the 5th and 4th strings respectively at the 5th fret while your first finger bars at the 3rd. You bar finger is holding down 4 strings so you can help it out a little by laying your 2nd finger along it. If that is too hard there is an easy Gm which is the open 4th string then the 3rd fret of the 3rd 2nd and 1st. G/F# is the G chord with an F# in the bass and is one of those transitional chords ( you only ever hear this one when you are changing from G to Em ) There is a real nice rundown near the end where the chords go A, A/G, A/F#, A/E just play A all the way through if you like or else I did draw some chords there if ya wanna try it. A very similar chord sequence is in ‘Champagne Supernova” by Oasis – Asus2,   Asus2/G,  Asus2/F#,   Asus2/E  (Asus2 is regular open A but lift off your 3rd finger and let the 2nd string ring open ) other-side-of-the-world.jpg


~ by jdguitar on August 21, 2006.

One Response to “K T Tunstall – Other Side of the World”

  1. I really like this sog. A girl at my school sang it for our talent contest and she was really good at it!!!

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